Impact Gun Wrench

21V Cordless Drill mpact Screwdriver Wrench Ratchet Rattle Nut Gun Drive ALL

21V Cordless Drill mpact Screwdriver Wrench Ratchet Rattle Nut Gun Drive ALL

21V Cordless Drill mpact Screwdriver Wrench Ratchet Rattle Nut Gun Drive ALL   21V Cordless Drill mpact Screwdriver Wrench Ratchet Rattle Nut Gun Drive ALL

21V Cordless Drill mpact Screwdriver Wrench Ratchet Rattle Nut Gun Drive - ALL. 21V Cordless Drill + 1 Battery. 21V Cordless Drill + 2 Battery. Magnet function, attract rivets for easy work.

The back of the drill can be used as a hammer. But it's not a hammer drill. Suitable for wood and metal surfaces. 21V 1500 mAh LI-ION Battery. Max drilling capacity (steel): 8mm. Max drilling capacity (wood): 23mm. Keyless chuck 0.8 - 10mm. LED light for dim lighting.

Speed control and forward/reverse switching. 30 piece x accessory kit. 1 x handy carry case.

16.8V Cordless Drill +1Battery. 16.8V 1500 mAh LI-ION Battery. Max drilling capacity (steel): 10mm. 1 x Chargeable Li-ion 16.8V Battery.

Cordless Impact Wrench +1 battery. Cordless Impact Wrench +2 batteries. Name: 6000mAh Battery Electric Wrench Kit. Lithium battery: 6000mAh(1 charging). Cordless Tool Type: Impact Wrench.

Professional lithium battery technology, 10 sections electric core, multiple charging, long service life. High quality motor, small volume, heavy torque. The rubber hand makes it more comfortable.

The whole aluminum head, durable, good sealing effect; tungsten steel rotation shaft, impact resistance; Ergonomic soft-grip handle & integrated LED work light, beautiful and durable. 1 x User Manual and 1 Carry Case.

4 x Sockets(14mm/17mm/19mm/22mm Socket). With 1 Battery OR With 2 Batteries. Cordless Ratchet Wrench +2 batteries. One-handed operation, small and convenient, easy to use and operate.

Copper wire motor is powerful, high temperature resistant and safer. The shape of quick clip chuck is aligned and it is quick and easy to replace the sleeve. Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, low noise, has a long service life. Positive and negative dial, disassembly and installation one-touching switching, easy to screw up the screw. Input:220-240 Volts(AC)/50Hz.

Output: 5/6 Volts(DC)/300-400 mA. Charging time: 3-5 hours(max7hours). Battery Voltage:3.6V DC. 3 SPRAY MODES-You can choose three spray patterns: horizontal / vertical / circular. A funnel is to measure the viscosity of paint before spraying, it prevents it from spraying paint because it uses thick paint.

HIGH POWER- This spray gun works with a 550 W motor, It is ideal for painting auto parts, appliance parts, steel furniture, wood products, wall, ceiling. ADJUSTABLE PULVERIZATION FLOW AND WIDTH- Allows you to select different spray speeds by turning the flow control knob.

CONVENIENT DESIGN- All parts of this machine are removable, so it can be cleaned conveniently. You can open the container lid to add the paint directly without removing 800 ml container. Suitable for painting furniture, fences, doors, windows, walls, ceiling, and for car repairing, high altitude operation and so on. 1 x Paint Spray Gun. 1 x 800ml Paint Container.

1 x Nozzle Cleaning Needle. Corded Nail & Staple Gun. Electric Staple Nail Gun Tacker Upholstery Carpet Fabric Thin Wood Power Nailer. Whether you' re building a rabbit hutch, or covering your bedroom wall with posters, this electric staple nail gun will rise to the challenge.

Versatility of this 2-in-1 tacker, you can load it with staples or nails to suit the task at hand. Simply turn the adjustment nozzle to select the desired tacking strength for your project.

The soft grip handle promotes comfortable use and minimises the chance of operational fatigue. The strip magazine fits 100 X staples and 100 X nails - minimising the need for replenishment. Contact safety switch prevents accidental firing, so you can use the tacker with confidence. Features low recoil levels for. With a firing speed of 20 per minute, you could have your entire project complete in no time.

The tacker is compatible with 18 gauge, 5.7mm (1/4) narrow crown staples equivalent to type 90, No. 90 Narrow Crown and 18 gauge 2mm (1/16) crown brad nails equivalent to Tacwise 18G, Arrow BN18, Bostitch 18G & Rapid no.

8 brad nails of the following lengths. Staples - 15mm (9/16"), 16mm (5/8"), 18mm (5/7"), 19mm (3/4"), 21mm (13/16"), 22mm (7/8"), 25mm (1).

Nails - 15mm (9/16"), 16mm (5/8"), 21mm (13/6"), 25mm (1"), 30mm (1-3/16"), 32mm (1-1/4"). Voltage: 220 - 240V 50Hz. Wire Spec: W1.25x T1.0mm. Staple Length: 15 - 25mm.

Brad Crown Width: 2.0mm. Nail Length: 15 - 32mm. Lock on power switch to free up hands. Adjustable cutting depth up to 55mm. Dust extractor port for attaching bag/vacuum.

Fitted with flexible power cable and UK plug. 1 Pair of Carbon Brush.

Compact detail sander with orbital action for use in confined spaces and hard-to-reach corners. Palm-shaped soft grip reduces vibration for optimum user comfort and control. Dust extraction port connects to a vacuum cleaner or dust extraction system. Uses hook and loop detail sanding sheets for quick changing and secure fitting. Tear drop shaped base to access tight corners. Quick fit sanding paper for faster sanding action and easier paper fitment. Rotatable base allows user to rotate paper as it wears, extending the life of the sanding paper. Rocker switch for continual operation. Hands can move freely about the unit while in use. Versatile - Ideal for paint / varnish, cleaning glass, removing rust and sanding in tight spaces. Sanding and removal of paint and varnish. Dust Extraction: [sanders] Vacuum adaptor.

Paper size area: apox 14 cm2. Platen size: 140 140 9 mm. 1 x Electric Sander Kit. Corded Hot Air Heat Gun.

High impact, multi-use and undeniably versatile, the Dayplus® 2000W Heat Gun is designed to take on a whole host of DIY tasks. Ideal for varnish and paint removable, decorating, home improvement, upcycling, thawing frozen pipes, loosening rusted bolts, bending plastics and much more.

The heat gun is ergonomically designed with a multi-grip handle and optimal weight distribution - minimising user fatigue over long periods of use. The heat gun benefits from two operating heat settings - 350°C and 550°C - ideal for precise heat control across multiple DIY applications - as well as an automatic shut off function to help prolong the life of the tool. Made from strengthened PP composite for extra durability and temperature resistance, the heat gun comes with four nozzles for targeted application. Glass Protection Nozzle Directs controlled heat onto the target area whilst shielding surrounding elements from the heat - ideal for use on painted wooden windows or door frames. Air Spreader Nozzle/Wide Jet Surface Nozzle Directs a long, narrow heat pattern to the work surface - ideal for removing paint or varnish from large, flat surfaces such as skirting boards, doors and stairs.

Concentrator Nozzle/Reduction Nozzle Directs a concentrated heat flow to the work surface - ideal for removing paint from awkward corners, crevices, mouldings, beading or architraves. Reflector Nozzle Disperses heat flow evenly around the whole work surface - ideal for defrosting frozen pipes, bending plastics or heat shrinking electrical insulating tubing. When finished, the heat gun benefits from a vertical resting base - allowing the gun to cool safely - without causing damage to your furniture or workshop. Voltage: 110V - Power: 2000W - Max Operating Temperature: 550°C - Min Operating Temperature: 350°C - Cable Length: 1.8m? Powerful 2000W Heat Gun - ideal for DIY restoration, paint stripping, loosening adhesive, bending copper pipes, loosening rusted bolts, lighting barbeques and more? Two operating temperatures: 350°C - Min with 250L/min airflow and 550°C - Max with 550L/min airflow - incorporates a thermostat to prevent overheating to prolong tool life? Comes with glass protection nozzle, air spreader nozzle, concentration nozzle and reflector nozzle for targeted heat penetration, concentration flow and specific task application? 1 x Hot Air Gun. Durable and overload-safe 180 watt high-performance motor for outstanding cutting speeds and maximum work progress.

Large radius of action due to 2m long fine-wire rubber cable in industrial quality. Classic grip for more torque transfer: Perfect case and grip ergonomics with soft rubber for your comfort at work. Compact design: easy access to corners and other small spaces to get the job done. Use of The Entire Tool. Ideal for removing old vinyl, wood or other floor coverings, paint and coatings, residues and separating laminated layers.

Removes adhesive residue from floor coverings and other stubborn substances. Cuts through ferrous metals, and wood. A Plunge cutting depth of 1.6-inch. Hardened teeth will cut ferrous metals such as nails and pipes. Cuts through wood, laminates, plastic, carpet and plaster board.

Plunge cut to the edge of another material at 90° due to the half-moon shape. Sanding Pad & 9 Sanding Sheets (80/120/240).

Triangular sanding sheets for corners and detailed sanding. The perfect tool for sanding and profiling. Sand larger surfaces with a variety of gritted sheets. 1 x Dust Extraction Clip. 9 x Sanding Sheets (808080mm).

1 x Dust Extraction Loop. 1 x Dust Extraction Tube. 1 x Half Circle Saw Blade (70mm). 1 x End Cut Blade (9034mm).

1 x Rigid Scraper Blade (5275mm). 1 x Sanding Pad (808080mm). Before using, you should carefully check the accessories to see if they are damaged. When cutting, the cutting piece and the cutting object are in light contact, maintaining the parallel cutting direction.

If the unit is in use and you notice any unusual sounds or loose parts, it must be shut down immediately and the problem resolved before it can be reused. This Cordless Electric Hand Held Oscillating Swing Saw Tool has a brilliant Oscillating Cutting performance, it can provide up to 20000RPM speed rate and large 4° swing angle to easily cut and craft wood; besides it also has a fast heat dissipation, high wear resistance, durable to serve a long life. Quick Blade Replacement and Adjustable Speed?

This Cordless Hand Held Oscillating Swing Saw Tool adopts an advanced release blade replacement system that is suitable for most size oscillating swing saw blade and can help much more quickly change and replace blade; besides the speed is also adjustable from 6000 to 20000rpm, you can adjust it according to your needs; pretty convenient and can save you much more time and energy. It is also pretty safe and stable to use this High Efficiency Electric Lithium Cordless Hand Drill besides its great drilling performance; ergonomic rubber handle can be perfectly held in hand and not easy to slip, the Lithium battery attached on the bottom also can served as a counterweight to enhance the stability your drilling process, making you drilling more stable and accurate. This Cordless Hand Held Oscillating Swing Saw Tool is perfect for home decoration, woodworking DIY, etc. Multi Hook & Loop Triangle Sanding Discs? Used For Sanding Corners & Detail. 100% brand new and high quality. Quick release blade replacement system. Adjustable speed 6,000-20,000 rpm dial for positive speed control.

Large swing angle is 4 degrees. Suitable for cutting holes, slotting, household cutting machines, electric saws, grinding machines, woodworking DIY, etc. 1x Cordless Oscillating Multi Tool.

(used for cutting wood, plastic, metal). 20MM high carbon steel woodworking saw blade.

(used for cutting wood and plastic). 10MM high carbon steel straight saw wood chip.

52MM stainless steel curved blade. 50MM stainless steel straight blade.

88MM countersunk semicircular saw blade. 120 grit sandpaper (total 15pcs). (for wood and metal sanding). 4 FUNCTIONS - demolish brickwork, remove plaster, take off tiles and dig out old grouting with 4 functions: hammer drilling/drilling/rotation-chiselling/chisel lock (roto-stop). Maximum drilling diameters: 13mm (steel), 32mm (concrete), 40mm (wood).

ADJUSTABLE SPEED - speed selector 0-800RPM and 4000BPM impact rate. Control Vibration System helps keep the drill steady during use. 360° ROTARY HANDLE - drill from the angle that works best for you with an adjustable 360° locking rotary handle. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - set includes. SDS+ BITS INCLUDED - Get to work straight away with three SDS plus drill bits (8/10/12mm150mm).

2 pcs SDS PLUS pointed/flat chisel:14250mm. VERSATILE - 4 FUNCTIONS: Carry out demolition and masonry with 4 functions, including hammer drilling, standard drilling, rotation-chiselling and roto-stop chisel-lock. Power cord cable length: 2m. Dual compatible with SDS Plus drill bits and standard SDS drill bits. 3pcs SDS PLUS drill bit:(8/10/12150MM).

1pc additional handle freely adjustable. This jigsaw will easily slice through a range of substrates including timber (hard and softwood), veneer, particle board, plastics, acrylics, sheet steel and tiles - simply match the blade to the material and you're away. The compact design houses a powerful 900 Watt motor that gives you the ability to tackle a variety of tasks and makes light work of completing straight, curved or tilted precision cuts. Need to create an angled cut? Simply set the blade at the angle required and let the jigsaw do the rest. The laser guide ensures precision with every cut. You can adjust the speed to suit and change the blade quickly without the use of a separate tool. Plus, the long cord gives you plenty of manoeuvrability.

It's certainly no lightweight when it comes to performance and is suitable for experienced DIYers as well as professionals. With the correct blades, this jigsaw can cut through a 80mm wooden beam - power at your fingertips!

Corded Rotary Impact Drill A - 850W hammer drill 3000 rpm hand-electric hammer drill with drill s. Our rotary hammer drill Upgrade Handle with a unique concave-convex feature adds more resistance, exercise maximum control over your work, keep you from getting fatigued or exhausted as early in your work. Produce 0-3000 RPM variable speed to meet different requirements. Lock Speed Button & 2M Cable?

Lock button enable you to lock the speed without a constant grip on the trigger to reduce fatigue. 2M extended cable increase convenience for projects that requires prolonged periods of work time in a bit of extra mobility. Hammer & Impact 2 In 1? Have turning on or off a hammer drill's Function. 2 In 1 Function Meet different usage needs.

Speed switch lock key, clockwise/counterclockwise switch, speed control wheel, hammer and impact function. A pair of carbon brushes. 5/6/8mm each 1 concrete drill bit. Net Weighs: about 1.7KG. Corded Rotary Impact Drill B.

Our rotary hammer drill Upgrade Handle , exercise maximum control over your work, keep you from getting fatigued or exhausted as early in your work. Description: -Nominal voltage: 220V-240V -Input power: 850W - Idle speed: 0-3000 / min. Package list: -1 x hammer drill -1x side handle -1x depth gauge -2xCarbon brush -1xChuck key -1xmanual -5/6 / 8mm Concrete bit. Cordless Chainsaws+ 1 Battery / Cordless Chainsaws+ 2 Batteries.

Specifications: - Material: ABS+Metal - Color:Blue - Battery: Lithium Battery, 21V, 1500mAh (included) - Power: 550W - Guide Plate Length: 4 Inch - Cutting Size. Features: - Small size, can be held with one hand.

Practical, fast speed, low power consumption. Fine quality switch, fast and slow adjustment, stepless speed change. Pure copper brushed motor, strong power, fast cutting, improve efficiency. Fine quality guide plate chain, deep quenching, more wear-resistant, smooth cutting.

Rechargeable electric chain saw, light and portable, long battery life, no damage to the bark. Lightweight body, light and convenient, lightweight design, long time holding and not tired hands. Intelligent circuit control board, overload protection, to meet your different construction needs. Special guide plate, tungsten steel ball does not need to be lubricated, so that the machine reduces resistance during operation and reduces wear on the machine. Package Included: 1 x Electric Chain Saw.

1 x Battery OR 2 x Batteries. 1 x Charger 1 x User Manual. Manual measuring, 1-3cm tolerance allowed, thank you for your understanding.

Please leave us a message about your prefer Pattern, or we will send by random. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures. This powerful heavy duty 900W Dayplus Reciprocating Saw is just the power tool to cut through a variety of materials including wood and metal. The saw has a variety of speeds which can be adjusted via trigger, and the desired speed can be set using a lock on button.

900 Watt motor designed for heavy duty applications. Features 5 saw blades designed for cutting wood and metal. Long stroke length for enhanced cutting performance. Power: 900W, No load speed: 2800rpm.

2 x wood blades (150mm). 1 x wood blade (240mm). 1 x metal blade (150mm). (150mm) used for plastic or wood. Cordless ReciprocatingSaw+1bat / Cordless ReciprocatingSaw+2bat. Highly Efficient Cutting & Cordless Design?

The cordless reciprocating saw with a stroke of 7/8 inches(22MM) removes more material for more efficient cutting. Variable-speed motor provides superior efficiency and control, drives up to 3000 SPM.

With a cordless design, battery-powered reciprocating saw allows you to get rid of annoying cords and space limitations. 5 Blades Included & Tool-Free Blades Change? The cordless reciprocating saw kit comes with 5 pieces saw to meet any cutting needs. The tool-free blade change system allows you to easily switch between all blades to cut wood, tree branches, PVC pipe, metal, etc. 1×24VF 1.5Ah Battery & Safety Design?

Merecedeu reciprocating saw is equipped with 1pcs 24VF 1.5Ah removable and rechargeable batteries, which can meet the needs of a longer working time. The double protection switch prevents the reciprocating saw from accidentally opening.

Only can move when you put on the lock-on switch and speed trigger. For safety, please pull out the battery pack of the reciprocating saw when not in use. Reciprocating saw weighs only 1.3KG, which is 37% lighter than traditional reciprocating saws. Compact and lightweight design allows reciprocating saw one-hand using, suitable for all kinds of cutting conditions and simplifies overhead work. Ergonomic rubber anti-slip handle effectively reduces vibration and slip, reducing fatigue from long working hours.

LED Light & 100% Excellent Service? Built-in LED lights to illuminate the surface of the workpiece during cutting, enhancing visibility in dark environments. We will reply to you no more than 24 hours with the most satisfactory solution. Package Included: - 1 x Reciprocating Saw - 1 Battery OR 2 Batteries - 5 x Blades - 1 x Charger - 1 x Manual. Corded Hot Melt Glue Gun. 50 Glue Sticks: 7.2 MM x 100MM. STRONG ADHESIVE TO STICK TO MANY SURFACES INCLUDING. METAL, FABRIC, CERAMICS, WOOD, GLASS AND PLASTIC. 1 x Electric Hot Glue Gun. Do not Touch heated nozzle area or hot glue.

Keep out of reach of children. (except Saturday, Sunday and other UK holidays). Sometimes your order may be impacted by extreme bad weather, strikes or other unexpected events.

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  1. Product: Cordless Impact Wrench +1 batt
  2. Voltage: 3.6V-21V
  3. Power Source: Corded Electric OR Battery
  4. Cordless Tool Type: Electric Power Tool
  5. Color: BLUE/WHITE
  6. Brand: DayPlus
  7. Type: Power Tool
  9. UPC: 0810022398357
  10. Number of Tools: 1
  11. Number of Batteries: 1 OR 2 Battery OR Corded NO Battery
  12. Motor Type: Brushed
  13. Battery Included: Yes
  14. Battery Technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

21V Cordless Drill mpact Screwdriver Wrench Ratchet Rattle Nut Gun Drive ALL   21V Cordless Drill mpact Screwdriver Wrench Ratchet Rattle Nut Gun Drive ALL